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What is CMAT?
CMAT stands for the Common Management Admissions Test. It is a national-level MBA admission test , conducted by All India council for Technical Education (AICTE), a national-level Apex Advisory Body which is vested with the statutory authority for technical education in India.

AICTE launched CMAT to reduce the physical, mental and financial stress of students in attending multiple entrance examinations conducted by the institutions for admission to management programs in AICTE-approved institutions. There are 3500+ AICTE approved B-schools which are expected to take CMAT scores, translating to availability of over 4 lakh seats for a CMAT test-taker. Unlike other management entrance exams of similar nature, CMAT gives you a shot at the premier B-schools of the country such as JBIMS, Sydenham, KJ Somaiya, IMT and GIM among others.

Eligibility Criteria:
For General Category graduates from any discipline, 50% of marks is required (45% for reserved category students). Final year students of Graduate Courses can also apply.

What does it test?
There are four sections in the test. The sections are
a) Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
b) Logical Reasoning
c) Language Comprehension and
d) General Awareness.
There are 25 questions in each section. The duration of test is 180 minutes, with no break during this time window. So, students could move back and forth between sections. This means that the sections are not timed individually, and the onus is on the students to manage timing between the sections, while ensuring that they show their competency in all the sections. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for every wrong answer.

Test Pattern:

Section No. Section Name No. of questions Marks per section
1 Quantitative Techniques and Data Ineterpretation 25 100
2 Logical Reasoning 25 100
3 Language Comprehension 25 100
4 General Awareness 25 100
Total   100 400

Scoring Mechanism:
CMAT will rank its takers based on both the Over all test score and individual sectional scores. Those with high overall scores will get better ranks. Ties will be decided based on the performance of the students in the individual sections - those who scored better in Quant will get better ranks. Logical Reasoning, English Comprehension and General Awareness follow the Quant section in the pecking order to decide a tie.

No disqualifications!
CMAT has been designed to rank all the candidates who appear in the test based on their aptitude towards the management education in the order of their merit. The objective of the test is not to eliminate the candidates from the process of seeking admission in the AICTE approved management programmes, rather to facilitate the institutions to select the suitable candidates as per their merit.

TUTOR JAR Courseware for CMAT

Our courseware ensures a comprehensive coverage of all the test areas of CMAT. Well researched material covers all the basic concepts, short-cuts, strategies and includes a lot of solved examples to help you understand the basics of each area. Moreover, our courseware would also help our students in their preparation for other management entrance exams such as SNAP, NMAT and ATMA. A large number of sectional tests help you evaluate your learning and performance in a given range of topics.

Our study material and mock test papers are prepared after a careful and in-depth analysis of the actual CMAT paper and hence reflect the level of difficulty which is close to the actual test.

The course structure comprises:
1. Basic Training: This module helps you develop basic knowledge and skills for all the areas that are tested in CMAT. The fundamental concepts are taught in great detail for each topic. This is followed by practice exercises to deeply integrate fundamental concepts and help you quickly approach and tackle difficult questions.
2. Area-wise Testing: This module tests your skills through individual test papers in each area. You will be able to identify the sections and areas in which you are weak and receive additional guidance for improvement.
3. Comprehensive Tests: These tests help you to build stamina, help time management and help you to build that key strategic skill of attempting only the easier questions while leaving the difficult ones out!
4. All-India Mock CMATs: A series of 10 All-India Mock CMAT test will be conducted replicating the format and environment of the CMAT exam. Most of these tests will be in the online format giving the students an exposure to all the possible formats of a computer based test. We have been pioneers in the online testing arena and our students benefit from our vast experience in setting and conducting online tests.

The feedback and analysis of these All-India mocks are done in a comprehensive manner and include:

  • Performance in each section and each test area with percentage and percentile scores, center rank and All-India rank
  • Question-wise analysis including time spent, feedback on difficulty level of each question
  • All-India comparative performance and toppers list
  • Comparison of your performance across All-India mocks
  • Snapshot page that gives you a complete picture of how you have fared across questions of varying difficulty levels.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of each paper.


A) Yes, CMAT has been designed to rank all the candidates who appear in the test based on their aptitude towards the management education in the order of their merit. The objective of the test is not to eliminate the candidates from the process of seeking admission in the AICTE approved management programmes, rather to facilitate the institutions to select the suitable candidates as per their merit.

A) TUTOR JAR has more than 6 years' experience in training students for various online as well computer-based tests such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and BITSAT. This helped us immensely when the CAT examination went online three years ago, we were better prepared than others in making the shift. As you might be aware, our CAT tests are now conducted online every year without any glitches. You can hence rest assured that you are in experienced hands and have nothing to worry about!

A) Most management entrance exams, including CMAT, test your command over Mathematics broadly at 10th Std. level. While you may have not been in touch with the subject for a while now, it should definitely be possible for you to ease back into the groove. By stressing on fundamentals, the study material and course methodology at TUTOR JAR are structured in a manner that best suits this purpose. You get the largest number of classes, which are conducted in a manner that ensures that you get a firm grasp of the fundamentals. In addition to quality study material, there are a large number of tests devoted to testing you on the various concepts that are taught in class. Apart from getting doubts clarified in class, students can also meet faculty by prior appointment and get their doubts clarified.

A) As with any skill, it is possible to improve your competence in English by putting in the required effort. AtTUTOR JAR . you will get a large number of classes to help you improve your English. Apart from attending the classes, no matter what you believe your level of comfort with English is, you will need to practice regularly. If you do all these, there is no reason why you cannot clear the benchmark required for CMAT.

A) Over the last 6 years, our experiences with students have led us to conclude that the Written Test has the maximum weightage in the selection process while each of the following - Group Discussion, Personal Interview, Bio-data including Academics and Work Experience have lower weightages. Therefore, while your past academic scores have some weightage, you can certainly overcome any handicap that you might have by performing well in CMAT and the GD & Interview.


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