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11th & 12th Science

Tutor Jar is a renowned name today bagging "Most promising Education Institute in Mumbai". The Institute was started with a vision to have bring the best in students through toiling, hardwork and rigorous practice session. Dealing with courses GMAT/GRE/SAT/IELTS/TOEFL we have consistently proved and imparted the best to our students via easy learning medium, highly interactive sessions and proper guidance.
At Tutor Jar, we continually aspire to provide the best instructors and resources possible. We provide a Complete Start-to-finish package OFFERS unlimited service for a flat fee and guides you through the entire application process, from brainstorming and outlining to interviews and Beyond.
Mock Sessions before each final call has helped us and our students to prepare for the best results Also for study abroad courses the class give you all the help till you finally leave for THE COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE.
Our Counselling Services are student specific. That means, for some reason if you decide to apply for visa for Spring instead of Fall we are still with you. Most of the students require Counselling Services pertaining to selection of university, recommendation and statement of purpose and financial documentation as well as visa guidance.

This is How we roll it.

Being flexible in approach & inflexible in our attitude we help students to reach their goals.

  • Conceptual Coaching and powerpoint presentation : Seeking of knowledge through conceptual teaching provide brief depths of the knowledge, when combined with visual aspects
  • Doubt solving : Section to solve doubts.
    Revision lectures : We organise revision lectures after every 3 months.
  • Test series & Mock test: To evaluate students performance, we carry out test every week and at regular intervals.
    We also offer online test for student's better performance.
  • Study Materials : We provide class notes & MCQ's booklets for each subject.
  • One to one counselling.


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