Tutor Jar - Competitive Exams

Vision Statement

Tutor Jar was established in India by a team of Top 10 US Business-School graduates and seasoned Training/Test preparation industry professionals.
Our leadership team comprises of professionals who were educated in the Top-10 Graduate Schools in the United States, and our programs are of significantly higher quality than our peer firms in the entire region. We lay a great emphasis on the quality of learning, and help our students get into their dream schools for both Masters and Undergraduate Programs in India and across the globe.

Our Services

  • Coaching for GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test )
  • Coaching for GRE (Graduate Record Examination )
  • Coaching for SAT (earlier called the Scholastic Assessment Test )
  • Admissions & Applications: Globally Ranked MBA, Masters, PHD, and Undergraduate Programs
  • Coaching for Govt. Entrance Exams
  • Coaching for MBA in India & Abroad


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